Breakfast & Drinks

Choose: Sourdough, Turkish, multi grain, gluten free, and Fruit toast
Choose: jam, marmalade, bush honey, peanut butter, and vegemite

Thick cut, macadamia nuts, bush honey, micro fruit salad, citrus and cranberry cream ricotta

Gippsland natural yoghurt, blueberry coulis, Nuts, cranberries, micro fruit salad, bush honey

Persian fetta, roast pistachio crumble, tomato bruschetta, salsa verde


Maple syrup, seasonal fruit, whipped cream

Cinnamon spiced fruit loaf, macadamia nuts, Maple crème, mixed berry compote

Fresh tomato bruschetta, sautéed mushrooms, Persian feta 2 poached eggs, sourdough toast

Fresh tomato bruschetta, sautéed mushrooms, Persian feta 2 poached eggs, sourdough toast

Grilled Turkish, tomato, red onion, Vegetable ratatouille, 2 poached eggs

2 poached eggs, avocado, sautéed mushroom, vegetable ratatouille, house feta croquette, blistered tomato, and sourdough toast

2 poached eggs, provincial bacon, oven blistered tomato, house fetta croquette, tomato relish, and sourdough toast

2 poached eggs, lean bacon, lamb sausage, pork belly, mushrooms, avocado, blistered tomato, house fetta croquette, tomato relish, sourdough toast


2 poached eggs smoked salmon, avocado, halloumi, blistered tomato; house fetta croquette, tomato relish, sourdough toast

Poached, scrambled or fried on your choice of toasts, sourdough, Turkish, multigrain, gluten free

Add-­‐Ons (not available on their own)

  • Turkish or sourdough or gluten free 1.8
  • One free range egg, your way 2.5
  • Hub fetta croquette 2.8
  • Wilted spinach 2.8
  • Roasted tomato (2) 2.8
  • Half avocado 4.5
  • Haloumi 4.9
  • Button mushrooms 4.5
  • Lamb sausage 4.9
  • Bacon 3.9
  • Chorizo 4.9
  • Tassie smoked salmon 4.9

2 poached eggs on sourdough toast with, oven blistered tomato and hub fetta croquette……
…..choose from:
With provincial bacon, wilted spinach, hollandaise sauce
With Smoked salmon, wilted spinach, haloumi cheese,  hollandaise sauce
With pork belly, wilted spinach, tomato relish, Moroccan  spiced hollandaise
With sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach, Persian fetta, marinated pumpkin, hollandaise  sauce


Kid’s hot cakes (2) maple syrup, ice-cream

Kid’s waffle, maple syrup, ice-cream

Kid’s brekkie – ­poached egg, bacon, tomato, toast

Kids French toast -­ maple syrup, ice cream

Kid’s milk shake -­ $3.9



(Monday to Friday) Plenty of Gluten free and vegetarian option
BREKKIE BURGER Sml $7.9, Lrg $10.9
Sml $7.9, Lrg $10.9

Fried eggs, bacon, fresh tomato, tomato sauce.


chorizo, mozzarella, tomato, spinach and hard boiled eggs

toasted sourdough, tomato bruschetta, bacon strip, poached egg

vanilla bean yogurt, berry coulis, mint

one pouched egg, sourdough toast, 2 strips bacon, roast tomato

Ground beef chilli on sourdough toast, poached egg, roast tomato



HUB coffees made with Belaroma organic blend “BOTANICA” certified organic coffee

8oz – $3.7 12oz – $4.5 16oz -­ $5.5

  • Short black, macchiato, piccolo…3.3
  • Flat white, cappuccino, long black…3.7
  • Latte, mocha, hot chocolate…3.9
  • All mugs add…90c
  • Chai latte…4.5
  • Affogato, dirty chai…5.5
  • Extra shot, decaf add…50c
  • Almond milk, soya, lactose free add…50c
  • Flavours -­ caramel, hazelnut, vanilla add…50c
  • Premium teas…3.9
    English breakfasts, peppermint, green tea, lemon-­‐ginger, earl grey camomile, chai, and more…

Iced coffee, chocolate, mocha              $5.9
Iced latte, iced black                                  $4.5


Coffee, chocolate, mocha, caramel

Orange, pineapple, cranberry, cloudy Apple, Virgin Mary

Carrot, celery, pineapple, watermelon, Orange, apple, beetroot, ginger, mint

Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Banana, Coffee

Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Banana, Coffee

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