Wilted spinach, pesto béchamel, slow roasted tomato, creamy Napoli sauce, shaved parmesan

Napoli sauce, slow roasted tomato, shaved parmesan

Garlic, onion, fresh chilli, parsley, basil, tossed in extra virgin olive oil

Creamy pesto sauce, fresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes, shaved parmesan

Tossed in a rich roma tomato, basil, onion and garlic sauce


Creamy Napoli sauce with SD tomato, splash of vodka

Olives, anchovies, capers, Napoli sauce

Mediterranean veggies, Persian feta, kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil

Hub’s amazing Genovese pasta tossed with fresh chicken tenders

Napoli sauce, fresh chilli and smoked bacon

Lean bacon, shallots, garlic and egg,tossed in a light cream sauce

Chicken tenders sun dried tomatoes, green peas, spinach, in a creamy tomato Cajun spiced sauce

Our own spicy meatballs on our spaghetti Napoletana

Tossed in our fresh and creamy parmesan sauce

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